STIX Diabetes Programs

STIX Diabetes Programs a unique non-profit organization which offers year-round programing, community, and traditional summer camp experiences for children living with diabetes.
STIX camps are a safe place for children and youth with diabetes to experience summer camp in a safe, 24/7 medically supportive environment, and they learn how to manage their diabetes. 
STIX camps foster the ability for these youth to build relationships and community, realizing they are not alone in living with diabetes.
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STIX Diabetes Programs would not be possible without the generous donations of time, money, and supplies from our STIX community. Our camps are fueled by hundreds of volunteers who work tirelessly throughout the year, and our generous donors.
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I have had diabetes since I was 2. I used to feel different from
other people or embarrassed because of my diabetes. I love
camp because I feel normal there. Sometimes I am having so
much fun, I forget I have diabetes. It is great because we all
beep, and we all check our blood sugars. Camp has shown me
that I can do anything. When I grow up I want to be a nurse and
a dancer. My favorite parts of camp are the swimming, friends,
crafts, songs and campfire.
– Brooklyn, age 9

In 2019, I was diagnosed with T1D. I was 11. I was scared and
stayed in the hospital for several days. At one of my
appointments we learned about STIX. At first I was nervous and
did not want to go, but I was glad I did. Everyone knew what
having this autoimmune disorder was like, and they all
understood me. The same year, I went to a Boy Scout camp,
and STIX was way better. Thanks to STIX, I feel confident and
like I am not alone.
– Tanner, age 13

I was diagnosed at the age of 13. I attended Camp STIX a month
after my diagnosis. I fell in love instantly. Camp is the one place
where everyone understands your day-to-day struggles. I
volunteer every year at TWIGS and became a STIX JC in 2018. In
2019 I attended Adventure Camp. I recaptured the magic of
being a camper! I learned how to navigate the challenges that
awaited me and was given resources to help. It was a truly
enriching experience. I connected with my peers in a beautiful
setting. Adventure Camp has been so valuable to me. I have a
new way to connect with the T1D community.
– “Javelin” Jake, age 19